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A-Gas AU’s facility at Laverton is located between the centre of Melbourne and the airport. The site comprises a modern office building which houses management, sales support and administration personnel in a modern environment incorporating sophisticated IT equipment. The second stage expansion, including the awarding of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 & AS/NZS 4801:2001 quality certification, commissioned in 2002 includes the incorporation of an additional 7 bulk storage tanks and a new state of the art laboratory equipped with analytical and testing equipment to provide quality control and product development activities. The facility employs the latest computerised filling equipment for a range of drums and cylinders, currently 120,000 cylinders in a variety of sizes including 12 kg, 22 kg and 70 kg. Cylinders are rated for the new high-pressure HFC gases, such as R410A, and this allows for optimum supply logistics. All cylinders are fitted with sophisticated new valves to ensure ease of use and integrity of contents.

A-Gas AU in conjunction with its distributors sell and promote pre-filled cylinders of refrigerant within the Australian HVAC&R market. All cylinders are bar coded and tracked under the A-Gas in-house tracking system ‘CyltrakTM, which in conjunction with Microsoft Great Plains received the Microsoft Business Solution Award for Innovation in 2003, and has been introduced to other A-Gas sites. This service has provided the market with the highest quality packaging and product quality whilst meeting statutory and regulatory compliance issues. This change provides improved environment and safety benefits to the customer as well as economic benefits as more expensive HFC products become available.

A-Gas AU has 10 bulk storage tanks, with blending facilities providing total storage capacity of over 500 tonnes. Further investment is currently being made in additional cylinders and plant for our new venture into OFN (Oxygen Free Nitrogen) and other specialty gases, such as refrigerant grade carbon dioxide (Co2).


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A-Gas Australia
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A-Gas South Africa Cold Chain - A-Gas Pressure Temperature App impresses visitors to Chillventa

A-Gas launches refrigerant App
A-Gas’ first free App is targeted at refrigeration, HVAC contractors and service engineers, providing them with fast and comprehensive data straight to their iPhones or Android devices.

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With Facebook reaching over one billion registered users and LinkedIn an established and valuable resource for business oriented networking, A-Gas is now keeping users and potential customers up to-date using these channels.

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Do you work with compressed Gases? If so, read on…
Safe Handling of Compressed Gases in the Laboratory and Plant is a straightforward summary of good safety practices with compressed gas. Just 16 pages, the booklet is easy to read, and makes a great "refresher." While not a substitute for full-fledged safety training, this booklet is a must-have as a handy reference and a quick study.

Download the booklet now by copying and pasting the following link into your browser:


Environmental Services: Refrigerant Reclamation and Recycling in South Africa
A-Gas South Africa launch their Environmental Services: Refrigerant Reclamation and Recycling service. Please see the South Africa Business Overview section of the website to download a flyer for further details.

Genetron Performax LT (R407F)
A-Gas (UK) Ltd is pleased to announce the addition of Genetron Performax LT (R407F) into their product range. Please see news section for further information....

New Portagas 116 L Disposable Cylinder
Portagas has just released its new 116 litre disposable cylinder into the Australian market.  This is the largest disposable cylinder available in Australia and offers considerable advantage over smaller cylinders such as the 58 litre cylinder:
•    Better value for end user

•    Half the cylinder change overs
•    Same footprint as 58 L and fits into standard calibration kits

•    Able to use same 58 L regulator

The full range of gases including the quad gas mixture through to reactive gases are available from A-Gas Australia. 1800 002427

A-Gas UK Refrigerant and Recovery Cylinders
****Please see news section for full details of what to do should you find a A-Gas cylinder within the UK****

Nitrogen now in Australia
Nitrogen gas is available throughout Australia.
It is available in two popular cylinder sizes (D&E), which are lighter and easier to carry. The D size cylinders have a 10 litre capacity (1.8m3), while the larger E size holds 20 litres (3.6m3).
Available from all Airefrig and Realcold branches.

HCFC Phase-Out
Visit www.hcfcphaseout.com for the A-Gas UK dedicated HCFC Phase Out website.

Further information also available under News and UK Business Overview sections of this site.
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